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Birds in space… (multidimensiaonal trait-space that is)

An animated rotation of a plot of cloud forest bird species in their multidimensional trait space, showing vectors of trait variables, and spiders linking groups defined from a separate clustering analysis. A small success in R yesterday, I finally managed … Continue reading

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Presentation: Land-use, Climate Change and Avian Ecosystem Services in the Montane Neotropics: Managing for Resilience.

A 3d plot generated in R, showing a simulated landscape, onto which I mapped the estimated functional richness of Villeger et al (2008), calculated for our community of Andean cloud forest birds. The second presentation I gave at ATBC in … Continue reading

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birding in Colombia, by the numbers…

90: The number of days spent in Colombia on this last trip. 162: The (estimated) number of lifers (new birds) seen by me on the trip. 290: The number of species I personally measured while collecting morphological data for the … Continue reading

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https://www.flickr.com/photos/complicando/sets/72157644055360763/ Its is a short drive from Cali over the misty peaks of Los Farallones, past El Dieceocho, to the pacific slope of Colombia’s Western Cordillera.  But in this  distance, many things change, both in terms of the visible environment, … Continue reading

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