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Birds in space… (multidimensiaonal trait-space that is)

An animated rotation of a plot of cloud forest bird species in their multidimensional trait space, showing vectors of trait variables, and spiders linking groups defined from a separate clustering analysis. A small success in R yesterday, I finally managed … Continue reading

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Presentation: Land-use, Climate Change and Avian Ecosystem Services in the Montane Neotropics: Managing for Resilience.

A 3d plot generated in R, showing a simulated landscape, onto which I mapped the estimated functional richness of Villeger et al (2008), calculated for our community of Andean cloud forest birds. The second presentation I gave at ATBC in … Continue reading

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Day 6: Finch Hatton State School

Friday morning we had saved the closest site until last, so we only had to walk a few hundred metres into the forest to start surveying.  That completed, we headed back to Platypus Bushcamp, ate breakfast and headed into Finch … Continue reading

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