Welcome.  This blog is serving as a homepage for my research and other professional interests.  My passion is for birds, and especially those of rainforests, but this has led me to a broad interest in ecology, biodiversity pattern, and the impacts of climate change.

My PhD research at the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change, James Cook University in particular led to collaboration with indigenous and other community groups in northern Australia, and hence an interest also in community development, indigenous knowledge and environmental education.  The vast majority of threatening processes facing this beautiful planet’s ecosystems are anthropogenic (caused by humans), and in particular our apparent reluctance (especially in western consumer capitalist culture) when it comes to translating “knowledge” into “wisdom” for sustainable living.

I believe the solutions will be many, but will ultimately rely on openness, compassion, and connection, coupled with scientific knowledge and praxis.  With the pages and posts contained herein I intend to make available some of the results of my research and other projects, with the hope that this will result in further discussion, connection and collaboration. Comments, feedback, and suggested links are of course welcome.


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