ATBC 2014 Trip 1: “Gondwanan relicts and upland bird endemics of the Australian Wet Tropics”

tooth_billAt the association for tropical biology and Conservation (ATBC) meeting held in Cairns this year I will have the pleasure of co-guiding with Dr. David Edwards from Sheffield University a conference field trip entitled: “Gondwanan relicts and upland bird endemics of the Australian Wet Tropics”

From the ATBC website: “Home to the highest levels of terrestrial biodiversity in Australia, the Australian Wet Tropics World Heritage Area supports a unique combination of endemic and Gondwanan flora and fauna. We will leave Cairns early and drive up the coastal escarpment to the submontane and montane rainforests of Mount Lewis for dawn.  Here, we will find species such as Victoria’s Riflebird at their upper altitudinal limits, and as we ascend further, species such as Bridled Honeyeater, Atherton Scrubwren, Fernwren, and the enigmatic Chowchilla are common, with a chance of Tooth-billed and Golden Bowerbirds, all species threatened by climate change. We will descend for lunch at the well-known Kingfisher Park birding lodge, for good views of many species, including endemic Macleay’s Honeyeater ( From here, we will drive south along the Atherton Tablelands, passing through the edge of the gulf savannah and a large wetland.  As we approach Cairns we will take an afternoon walk in the rainforests of the Douglas Track at Speewah, where we will have further chances of Victoria’s Riflebird, Bower’s Shrike-Thrush, Pied Monarch, and Wompoo Fruit-dove”.

Should be fun!

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