birding in Colombia, by the numbers…


90: The number of days spent in Colombia on this last trip.

162: The (estimated) number of lifers (new birds) seen by me on the trip.

290: The number of species I personally measured while collecting morphological data for the functional trait matrix I am developing of cloud forest birds from the western cordillera of the Colombian Andes

2,912: The combined number of specimens measured by myself  and Alejandro Pinto, one of my collaborators at the Insituto Alexander von Humboldt.

24,295: the combined number of actual measurements carried out by us (by Alejandro at a rate 3 times faster than me, as he had digital calipers!).

19,750: the (estimated) number of kilometres traveled, including international flights from Oslo.

22,250: the (estimated) combined volume (in milliliters) of blackberry smoothies and hot chocolate consumed during my visit to Colombia.

Its been several weeks that I have been back in Norway, and time to get cracking with organising, and checking the morphological data I collected in Colombia, as well as sorting through the 7,000 photographs taken while I was visiting that amazing country.  Unfortunately the approach of summer means that the weather is steadily improving, and the arrival of migrant birds, and the increased activity of resident species adds to the appeal of spending more time outside, and less time in the office…

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