Birdlife Nepal and the publication of “Birds Of Ghoda-Ghodi Lake”

Booklet Cover by complicado
Booklet Cover, a photo by complicado on Flickr.

Greetings again from Sauraha, Chitwan National Park, Nepal. I began this blog last time I was here in April this year, and now I am back again… Volunteering (also again) at the National Trust for Nature Conservation’s “Biodiversity Conservation Centre At Sauraha. I have made some good progress with the finding, collating, cleaning and analysis of more than ten years of bird monitoring data from Barandabhar Corridor Forest, collected by skilled technicians at NTNC, (mostly by Kapil Pokhrel). More than 700 surveys, 9,000 bird records and some 288 species make it a substantial dataset, but haphazard data management, computing and power failures have made it a challenge to locate and collate the data…

It is finally taking shape however, and from preliminary analyses it looks like there will be some interesting results. It is early yet to draw conclusions (and interpretation is complicated by changes in survey methods over the years) but a worrying trend appears to be a decline in winter visitors, dominated by wetland species. This may be the result of ongoing degradation of the Beeshazari Tal or 20000 lakes area, an important staging point for birds in transit between Siberia and Northern India. The importance of supporting long term, systematic biodiversity monitoring such as that undertaken in Barandabhar Corridor Forest by NTNC is clear.

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