Recent weeks have seen me thinking more about open research, open data, open source, and finally, open hardware.  I am interested in the potential for open-source systems like the Arduino as control systems for logging much-needed climate data in remote locations. 

In brief: the Objective:  cost-effective logging of critical environmental data in remote locations and under canopy or in buffered environments.

Design challenges:  The system must be cost effective, to allow roll-out over broad environmental gradients and in developing communities globally.  System must be maximally automated, to allow deployment in remote locations where data retrieval must be remotely accessed.  System must be flexible to allow deployment of a range of sensors.  System must be flexible to allow inclusion of mini-sensor arrays into buffered locations where a full array is not possible…

For more info see my new page about the ideas.

Please comment below, or join the Arduino forum discussion on this topic…

here is a sketch (not produced in sketchup) of how it might look…

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