reSCIEcling: reduce, reuse, research, rejoice!

Kapil-Dai birding hard in Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Terai region Nepal. Would greatly appreciate support in the form of binoculars and GPS for training wildlife monitoring technicians.

Sometimes it seems that it is growing ever harder to do the research we need to do.  Costs are mounting, and funding is difficult to come by.  Rest assured though, it is even harder in developing countries…  resources are even more limited, and the same economic pressures can drive environmental degradation and impacts that conservation workers must struggle to monitor and mitigate on shoestring budgets.  Now, ever wondered what to do with that pile of seemingly obsolete equipment? Digital cameras that no longer seem to have enough megapixels to do the task, 5 year old laptops that won’t run fast enough for the latest operating system, old binoculars, microscopes, scales, gps units, field guides, text books, technical manuals…. Our labs are cluttered with them…  I would like to offer a solution.  It is one that finds a home for unwanted gear while also helping struggling researchers and research projects in developing countries to carry out much-needed monitoring and conservation research.  In recent months I have made contacts with researchers in Nepal, India and Bhutan, and also in developing communities in Australia, all doing great work, in need of basic equipment and support, and who would gladly accept such donations.  Please contact me if you or a colleague has any equipment that you think might be of use to someone else, and if suitable I will try to arrange pick-up (and if you have something you are not sure about, contact me anyway!).  Gear will then be distributed to worthy projects and researchers here and abroad, in the fields of environmental science, conservation biology and environmental education, via registered in-country NGO’s.

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