our own solution…

Wompoo Fruit Dove

So thats enough background…. What about our solution? I decided to do my expedition to survey birds in the Eungella National Park near Mackay in the most carbon-neutral way possible.  Whereas usually this work would be done using a Diesel 4wd vehicle and a round

trip of nearly 1000 km, I wanted to use a combination of carbon-offset public transport, cycling, and walking in order to reduce the carbon footprint of my research as much as possible.  In doing so, I wanted also to raise awareness of Global Warming and Carbon-Footprints, and the availability of ways to offset our carbon emissions, both in the scientific and wider community, without compromising the quality of the research I do.

The mission: My Phd field work involves surveying birds in rainforests using both call and visual identification across a range of altitudes from 100 metres up to 1200m above sea level.   I planned to cycle to a series of base camps and setting out from these each day on foot to conduct surveys in nearby rainforest.  I estimated that we would be riding a total of about 250km over a period of ten days to reach these sites, and walk a total of 15km conducting surveys.   The Daintree Rainforest Discovery Centre generously offered to offset the carbon emissions of all my research through tree planting in the Daintree World Heritage Area.  The following posts will be a retrospective blog of our adventures…

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