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Day 3: daily decathlon commences

Day 3: the decathlon commences: Event 1: Try to get as much sleep as possible on a constantly-deflating thermarest.  This is not as bad as it sounds if you approach it with vey low expectations of comfort, from there, the … Continue reading

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Day 2 continued: Platypus Bushcamp

Arriving in Finch-Hatton Gorge after our first 70 km of ride was a palpable relief.  Turning of the main road east of the township and leaving the traffic behind, we crossed cattle creek in the waning afternoon light, and winding … Continue reading

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Day 2: Mackay to Finch-Hatton Gorge

Day 2:  Woke at about 6 am am in the delightful Central Caravan Park, to the insistent cries of Blue-faced Honeyeaters and the tooting of Peaceful Doves… still audible over the rumble of passing traffic. My exped mattress was deflating … Continue reading

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Day 1: departure

Day 1:  Got up at 4:45 am, rode fully-loaded bike to greyhound bus stop at the Townsville ferry terminal at 5:45am, unloaded bike, waited 45 minutes, learned that the driver had decided he couldn’t wait for the inconvenience of actual … Continue reading

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then preparation…

So having made the decision to do it, I needed someone crazy enough to join me… And lo, there where even two of them!  Thanks Tom and Tiff!!   Then I needed to make sure I actually had the cycle touring … Continue reading

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first inspiration…

What inspired me to even consider making my already sometimes-grueling field schedule even more so, by doing it all by bike you ask?  A few different things come to  mind:   A friend undertook to ride 300+ kilometres from cairns … Continue reading

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our own solution…

So thats enough background…. What about our solution? I decided to do my expedition to survey birds in the Eungella National Park near Mackay in the most carbon-neutral way possible.  Whereas usually this work would be done using a Diesel … Continue reading

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